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Nike SB Blazer High Charcoal/Halo-Team Red



As summertime rolls around, we have now entered the season of Nike SBs. Above shows the latest Blazer High colorways in charcoal and a dull red. The whole sneaker has a vintage feel due the dull coloring especially the off-white elements. July seems to have a lot in store in terms of Nike SBs, so stay tuned for more! And find these kicks at select Nike SB retailers.


>Nike Blazer Vintage Hi — Blue/Yellow


These sneakers just got a nice old-school look to them especially with the parachute-boot tongue and the acid-stained sole. Ill.

>Nike Satin Quilted Blazers


Nike moves past the SB phase for Blazers and steps into the realm of intricate quilt stitching. Two different colorways are evident in this release. Both styles are available at select Nike dealers such as Proper.

>Nike Blazers Mid QS "World Expo" Shanghai



>Nike SB April 2010 Collection



>Nike Blazer AC 3M


Average Light:

Nike recently unveiled new colorways of the Blazer AC. The new colors are interesting because in normal light they seem like an average design, however when bright lights cover most of the shoe, it becomes shiny and flashy suggesting it would be a good fit for those celebrities that are always in the spotlight. The main difference between this sneaker and the basic Blazer is that it features velcro straps going across the mid-section of the shoe in place of the laces.

In the bright light:

Source: Freshness Mag