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Artist Spotlight: Holton Rower — Tall Painting

I stumbled upon (literally) this rare yet innovative from of painting last night while surfing the web. Holton Rower has spent many years mastering the difficult art of pouring different colors of paint onto a solid object and allowing the flow of colors to eventually create an image. Check out the dope video above.


Artist Spotlight: Anthony Lister

Coke nights on Thriller

I really dig this Michael Jackson Thriller piece from Anthony Lister. Lister crafts paintings depicting various super heroes and celebrities in an abstract manner that often gives the viewer multiple ways of interpreting the artwork. There are some more pieces below. Check it.


Wonder Woman

Artist Spotlight: Erika Iris Simmons

Erika Iris Simmons, a talented self-taught artist, creates amazing portraits of famous musicians out of recycled audio cassette tapes. Her clean innovative style really makes her works shine.