About Us

Sky N9ne
is an online magazine and company founded by Chudi Iregbulem that promotes and explores the latest and most prevalent news in Mens Fashion, Music, Gadgets and Art/Design. All of the information available on the site is meant to spread awareness to various clothing brands and talented artists across the world.

The domestic and international information that we seek to provide allows us to showcase the artistry and genius of many individuals world-wide. Branching out of the United States allows for the site to serve as a highway for diversely cultural information to and from different locations around the world.

The empowering feeling of being on top of the rest of humanity is the motivation for the magazine’s title and its slogan “Live above the clouds.” Clouds represent our belief that normal human beings will never grasp or be able to touch many desires in life, however they  must continue to put forth the effort necessary to eventually “live above the clouds.” With that said, Sky N9ne strives to be the world’s leading magazine/blog for Art and Culture of various mediums.

To protect the rights of the artists we ask that if anyone has a problem with their brand, music, or designs being displayed on this site contact us at contact@skyn9ne.com and/or leave a comment and we will find a way to resolve the issue. On that note, if you would like for your brand, music, or art to potentially be featured on this site, you may also contact the email above and/or leave a comment. Thank you for your co-operation.



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