>NFL Considers Extending Regular Season


NFL officials have speculated the possibility of tacking on two more regular season games in exchange for a two game decrease in the preseason.  Although the idea has been pushed by many franchise-owners, it has received much criticism from NFL veterans such as Tom Brady and Ray Lewis.

“I’ve taken part in several postseason runs where we have played 20 games,” said Brady, the New England Patriots’ quarterback. “The long-term impact this game has on our bodies is well documented. Look no further than the players that came before we did. Each player today has to play 3 years in order to earn 5 years of post-career health care.”

 “I know our fans may not like preseason games, and I don’t like all of them,” said Lewis, a Baltimore Ravens linebacker, “but swapping 2 preseason games for 2 end-of-season games — when players already play hurt — comes at a huge cost for the player and the team.”

The proposal must be approved by the NFL players association for it to be put into effect at its earliest in 2012. See more @ Kidult.

Source: Kidult

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