>Reaction To Thank Me Later Leaks


Early Wednesday morning Drake’s highly anticipated June 15th album Thank Me Later was leaked in its entirety to the surprise of many hip-hop fans. Clearly, an unusual amount of tracks had already been dropped on major music blogs just two weeks prior to the album’s release date. It is sad to see that such a great artist who has been giving away his music for free for the longest time is once again forced to face the same treatment. A unexpected leak is good for the business in a regulated amount however once the line is crossed the situation is out-of-hand  Here is how Canada’s own Drake responded, I gave away free music for years so we’re good over here…just allow it to be the soundtrack to your summer and enjoy.“The man is a true class-act and I encourage bloggers to prevent the spread of the album. To hip-hop fans I hope that you may support artist’s work by legally purchasing the album via iTunes or at Rap music retailers.

Update: This will be the final Sky N9ne post leaking Drake’s Thank Me Later due out on June 15th.
Drake — Light Up feat. Jay-Z (CDQ)

Source: MTV

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