>KiD CuDi – Fashionisto Rapper


Scott Mescudi, more popularly known as Kid Cudi, has busted on to the scene as a new artist with his hit single “Day N’ Nite” which led to the production of his debut album: “Man on the Moon” that was released on September 15th. This new artist has been mentored through this process by the Roc-A-Fella Prince, Kanye West. Maybe the most important trait Cudi has inherited from Kanye was his outlandish fashion sense.

The origins of Cudi’s style may trace back to his early twenties of living in the big apple, where he was just a young Cleveland man trying to fit-in with the big city. Cudi also spent much time working at the Bape store in New York, along with spittin rhymes in his free time.

I believe it is safe to say that not only Kid Cudi’s style is unique, but that he is also a different type of rapper then most. He brings a new flow to table and his fashion sense describes it. Say what you want about his outrageous style, Cudi is not the typical rapper who rocks the polos with the size 40×40 baggy jeans and a pair of the classic fresh all-white nikes, but instead he is himself, a fashion icon, and that is all that matters.
  1. >is he the cousin of kid chudi?

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